InFact Services


We support you in your project work and capability development. While we can staff up a project, we prefer to empower your teams which means we offer:


Advisory: senior resources to direct and focus your efforts - to support your project teams not replace them. Our front page includes the four pillars of our decisions not data approach - Design, Create, Mobilise, Decide. The analytics work effort is concentrated in the Create phase, but in our experience, most of the problem occur in the Design and Mobilise phases (including resourcing and training). We'd love to share our views with you - for a preview of our philosophy please register your interest on our home page or contact us directly.


Capability: we develop and host analytics services for clients as interim solutions while they get ready or as an ongoing innovation lab.


Products:we scour the world for the latest techniques and tools and our clients can't source locally we become a distributor - an example of this is our Dual time Dynamics practice. These tools have been used by more than half the top lenders in Australia and were not available in Australia until InFact Decisions got involved. Sometimes the solution is closer to home. We partner with Salesseed Growth to increase salesforce effectiveness with tools that are proven to support sales staff in increasing their sales win rates.


Resources and Training: we can source great resources to supplement your teams on a contracted basis (and support you with our unique approach to team recruitment and team mix planning). We also build in-house training that otherwise wouldn't be available in Australia.

InFact products: in a small number of cases where we cannot source a solution to a client problem we partner to build what's needed. Verifier - is a unique approach that addresses head on the challenges lenders are facing with the new consumer credit compliance regime.