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InFact Decisions have been pioneering a decision focused approach to analytics since 2007, and our Founder and Managing Director, Lisa Schutz, is releasing a book on the subject in 2015. The book, The Decisions Not Data is NOW on pre-release in hardcover. It is designed for senior business leaders and provides a guide to how to transform their organisations with analytics. You can now buy a copy from us directy - on this link. Or check out an excerpt here.

In conjunction with Evan Stubbs, SAS and Chami Akmeemana from Huntel Global, Lisa has just released a whitepaper tackling one of the strangest structural gaps in most organisations. Given the focus on analytics and data, why is it that so few organisations have translated that priority into their structures. This is a big issue for laggards because focus in large organisations is confered by structure. If you would like a copy please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..