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Streamlining Loan Applications Responsibly - With

Verifier is the new multi-source, multi-access method solution to online income verification developed by InFact Decisions.  Verifier uses the secure courier method of accessing income data. Verifier does so in a way which respects the information security needs of both  consumers and income data providers while at the same time delivering the ease of online processing for lenders.

Three parties, one exchange of data, privacy and security by design - for more information and a demonstration contact us.

  • Consumers shouldn't have to choose between comfort and convenience online.
  • Lenders shouldn't have to choose between responsible lending and great customer experience.
  • The interests and obligations of income data providers need to be respected.

The dilemmas faced between convenience and comfort online are resolved with Verifier - the first online income verification tool to offer privacy by design. For a brief overview, click the video link below.