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Are you ready? Consumer controlled data is coming.

What you thought was your data will be the property of your consumer. Weve developed a one day workshop to help you get ready. Check the agenda and then choose a location and date from below and make the difference in your organisation.

Workshop Agenda (9:00am to 5:00pm)

Part 1: The History

  • Where We Start: The Current Privacy Act and Your Current Obligations
  • Turning Your Obligations Into an Asset: What is Happening Out There
  • The Forces Behind the Change. The Broader Social Trends
  • The Difference between Now and What is Likely
  • First Movers: Australian Case Studies

Part 2: Clear and Present Risks – Global and Local Reality

  • Foundation Data Access Risk Model
  • Additional Risks to Enhance the Data Access Risk Model (Group Discussion)
  • Refining the Model Using a Prediction Market – (Working Session Using

Part 3: Quantifying Risk

  • Reviewing the Prediction Market Results
  • How Your Organisation Will Be Impacted
  • What Are The Significant Case Studies For You? 

Part 4: Securing the Data and Confirming Identity

  • The Scourge of Screen Scraping
  • The Ryanair case
  • Future State – Identity in Recruitment?

Part 5: Monetising Personal Data -The Implications to You

  • Does Personal Data Have Intrinsic Value?
  • Corporation Profit Vs Personal Profit
  • Facebook Earned A Total Revenue Of $3.85billion In The Fourth Quarter Of 2014 From Ads 

Part 6: Likely Implementation Forecast (Panel Discussion)

  • Where we are going in 2017/2018?
  • Testing the timeline – panel assessment of the consequences and timings
  • Key dates to watch